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Customer Reviews on Writing

This is an awesome pen.

We carry one of these pens on our belts every day, everywhere.

Best thing about this pen is, it’s 100% legal to carry anywhere.

OK, you’re going through airport security – the clip has a giant “Smith & Wesson” on it, and the end cap has “military police” and the S&W logo. Kiss it goodbye.

I always like to keep a pen in my car, and have always felt better having something that can be used for self-defense in my car as well, especially when I find myself playing shows with my band in questionable areas. Writes well.

If you aren’t prepared to take it out and `insert’ it in the right spot with ½ to ¾ seconds, don’t even bother to take it out.

It has the glass breaker tip, which really is strong enough to break glass (I tried it).

Absolutely superb writing utensil.

Thank god their guns are not quitters like these pens, otherwise imagine how many would die, shooting 2 or 3 times and then nothing, and having to ask the other guy to wait a little bit, so you could shake the gun to keep on shooting?

WILL put a nasty dent in an assailant’s noggin and WILL collect a chunk of DNA, in the process.

Too heavy, as a pen … makes my heaviest shirt-pockets sag badly…

i must admit they are pretty cool.

The cap is on tight, but it wobbles. This means you have a weapon that is moving and turning in your hands at the point of impact. This is unacceptable.

I’ve read that some buyers had problems with the pen “quitting” after only a little bit of writing, but it was my choice not believing.

Whenever I take out this pen in meetings, all the other guys give it a double take and the resulting tactical pen demonstration disrupts the meeting.

I was thrilled to finally get this little number in my hands. I had delusions of a 50 caliber spike I could take anywhere with me. Ah Huh! NOT going to happen.

Finally a pen that won’t do you wrong.

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May 30th, 2012 / 6:09 pm