Icehouse beer

Suggested Pairings: Icehouse and Meg Pokrass/Cooper Renner


As I rule I suggest you marry yourself first. Take a moment. OK. Today we will marry a chapbook with a domestic beer.

“Lost and Found” (elimae stories) is glow for the hammock, though I suggest an older model, one swaying for seasons and made of fishing line—as in cutting into flesh–and below it a brush pile with a brown rat you name Brown Rat. You feed Brown Rat crumbling Cheetos. I think these flashes are fragile, about to collapse, falling, as in you/me/us…They disintegrate you forward.

She’s ruined this before.

Abfulled Plank Road (Miller) since 1885, Icehouse pours to a golden yellow, basically the color of human urine in the later stages of renal failure, but don’t let my description (sorry, former RN here) put you off your feed. You probably have some hazy nostalgia—possibly college, a dorm room bathtub full of ice and balthazars of beer?

“I’m not very modern, I’m afraid,” she said.

Outdated things make me sad, like the word, “howdy.”


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June 25th, 2010 / 9:55 am