Improbable Object

Matt Kirkpatrick’s Improbable Object has a lot of new alive, including Drew Kalbach, Forrest Roth, Jeff Crouch, Jeremy Schmall, and more…

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Improbable Object

From Matthew Kirkpatrick, that guy who works for FC2 and, last I checked, coedits Barrelhouse, comes a new online journal: Improbable Object. In the first issue there is work by Blake Butler, Justin Taylor, Davis Schneiderman, and art by Bill Dunlap: Blake Butler wants to sell his face on Ebay, Justin Taylor writes “the truth about cemeteries is they only / exist because we all keep clapping,” and Davis Schneiderman takes us to the Island of Lost Souls and the Island of Blessed Sheep.

Good things happen.

I enjoyed the contents of this issue. I read each piece several times after drinking two glasses of scotch and three glasses of wine. It was a good experience overall. Matthew Kirkpatrick is doing something very interesting, and I want to watch him keep doing it. As I read Improbable Object, I thought of other online journals. DIAGRAM came to mind. So did Lamination Colony.

Improbable Object┬áis a very clean-looking online journal, and one, I suspect, that needs more submissions. So if you’ve got awesome stuff lying around, send away; the submission guidelines suggest that you “submit something short” if you’d like your work to be considered.

I recommend this journal to everyone, sober and drunk.

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October 6th, 2008 / 3:24 am