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x-snatch 14

1. You should probably get the fuck off the chesterfield and grackle your flash fiction manuscript to The Rose Metal Press Sixth Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest. As you well know, RMP make books that are regal, complex, bebob and badass, all humped and hawking as they fly.

7. John Holten goes:

 …the guys making Grand Theft Auto, today they’re real fictional realists.

2. Higher Education says:

While we who teach in M.F.A. programs can show our students how to write a strong pedagogy statement and stage mock interviews, the best job training we can give is to help students write a good book, cajole them into finishing and revising that book, and give them advice on getting it published.

3. John Jodzio goes:

I’m fifteen. According to every oncologist, shaman and tea leaf reader in the tri-state area, I’ve got between three and six months to live. Right now, I am wearing a blue shirt that says “Carpe Diem” but I’ve scratched off the ‘e’ and the ‘m’ so the shirt reads “Carp Die.”

4. BOOKFORUM says some writers are not tickled sunny by James Woods:

Jonathan Lethem (8 years later!): Wood is a critic whose better angels are at the mercy of his essentialist impulses.

Allan Hollinghurst: But actually, when he got to the bit when he was imagining how I might write something, it just seemed so pathetic that I stopped taking it seriously.

Hey has anyone else read The Swimming-Pool Library? That book be glow.

13. And Amy Lawless says: “My knees buckle from love and what is going on in the x-snatch.”

14. As a writer, do you like or hate theme issues of literary magazines? As a reader, do you like or hate theme issues of literary magazines?

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November 8th, 2011 / 4:00 pm