This post simply brings to your attention things worthy of attention, with extremely light commentary from me.

  • Ellen Kennedy’s new book Sometimes my heart pushes my ribs is available from Muumuu house. This is probably widely known, but I wanted to officially note it here. Ellen Kennedy feels like a Dorothy Parker who doesn’t have enough energy to rhyme.
  • Chelsea Martin’s new book Everything was fine until whatever will be released March 2009 by Future Tense Books. Watch her read this piece. The ingrown logic and breath-taking/sigh-inducing excess of each subsequent line reminds me of Tao Lin’s ‘the next night we ate whale,’ except each line is different.
  • The prolific J.A. Tyler redesigned Mud Luscious archives and ML Press, and his entire site. He would scare me if he wasn’t so nice. His obscene publication list is prone to make one feel like a slacker.
  • Juked No. 6 is out. Check out the contents and order. Juked is one of the oldest literary websites out there. It makes me feel good that they are so consistent and devoted.
  • Robot Melon Issue Seven is live, including J.A. Tyler, Crispin Best, yours truly [gag], Ryan Manning’s ode to Sam Pink, and one of my personal favorite online writers, Krammer Abrahams. I really like the ‘head trauma at night in the woods’ design.

So those are my updates. I could not find a picture that embodied this post. [*UPDATE: Ryan Manning sent me a picture to post for this post. The 4 colors do not match the 5 updates. He was no doubt driven conceptually.] Thank you for supporting online literature.

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February 24th, 2009 / 4:43 pm

Matt Bell Interviews JW Wang of Juked

Matt Bell, who has a solid presence online and often points up cool things around the place, has an interview up with Juked founder JW Wang. It’s a pretty extensive interview and I haven’t yet read all of it, but I’ve learned a few things already, such as the fact that Juked started out as just an idea scribbled out on a napkin.

Other things that first began as something scribbled on a napkin? The Dick Rutan Voyager. The seat-belt adjuster for short people. Southwest Airlines. Etc.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview. JW Wang says:

When we started it wasn’t meant to be anything more than a hobby. I just figured I’d get a bunch of fun people together and we’d write for each other. So we started with a bunch of real-life friends, people who were spending a lot of time online and whom I thought were interesting and had fun things to say. Four of them went to my high school; a couple were friends of these friends. Very creative people. One of them works with film, now, one works for American Idol(haha), one wrote TV episodes for Dawson’s Creek and The Guardian. One’s a doctor, I think, one a university admin of some kind, a couple of them are designers (web, graphic). And then there’s me; I went from marketing to writing. No, my parents are still not happy with the decision.

Oh, here’s a little trivia: one of the people originally involved in that student start-up left the company and formed Rotten Tomatoes. Now he’s sitting on an island somewhere, under palm fronds, sipping mai tais.


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December 14th, 2008 / 5:06 pm