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Writers No One Reads

Do yourself a favor and add the unassuming goldmine of Writers No One Reads to your RSS feeds. An ongoing catalog compiled by the archivist genius behind A Journey Round My Skull, this blog showcases some real gems, such as A Life is Full of Holes, a book of tales by Moroccan storyteller Larbi Layachihe, transcribed and translated by Paul Bowles. The image to your left is Roland Topor’s out-of-print-and-crazy-expensive-on-Abebooks Stories and Drawings. Topor, if he’s known at all, is probably known for writing The Tenant, adapted into the Roman Polanski film-of-the-same-name. Look alive, y’all: these are the lists we’re all going to be on in 2124, and then someone is going to do a post on ħ吨米升克我的n吨 about us, and then the deadgods-of-2124 will comment being like “yeah i already know about them, here is a list of people _____ slept with and here are the brands of tissues she liked.”

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January 22nd, 2011 / 2:40 pm