Fruit Journalism

My suspicions that free live sexcam chats (in this case LiveJasmin) were pre-filmed footage of “performers” acting sexy while ostensibly reacting to instant messages w/o actually reading or engaging in clientele discourse were confirmed when I, as guest41, asked PusyKhat what color was the inside of a mango; she had two chances to answer “orange,” or [any reasonable color, e.g., yellow, tan, etc]. guest142 and guest54, no doubt less inquisitive than I, offered PusyKhat the usual “hi” and “sexxy,” as if such a lovely lady had not been met with those sentiments thousands of times before. I struggled with the thong but finally decided it was safe for work, as our technologies have yet to convey the olfactory world.


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September 8th, 2010 / 5:29 pm