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The Night LOST Became A Soap Opera

I’m really impressed by all the journalists who could calmly sit down and bust out a thoughtful response to the finale of LOST last night or even this morning. Not me. It was such a royal disappointment, I can hardly put my words together. After a six year commitment, I am left feeling like maybe I should have broken up with it five and a half years ago.


Because last night the writers of the show invalidated all of the things that made the show unique and intriguing by opting to focus on the human characters rather than the one character that made the show what it was, the island. I sure as hell wasn’t tuning in every week to find out whether or not Sayid would redeem himself or Ben would turn out to be a good guy or who Kate would choose to make out with or if Charlie was ever gonna kick his heroin addiction. That’s the soap opera shit that you can find on any television show. No, I tuned in every week because of the mystery, the mythology, the numbers, the Others, the Egyptian shit, the time traveling, the donkey wheel, the electromagnetism, the Dharma Initiative, the Hanso Foundation, the smoke monster, the disease, the question of fertility, quantum physics, immortality, whispering ghosts, haunted cabins, magical ash, fountains of youth, glowing caves, etc.

Unfortunately, the writers decided those things were superfluous. And thus, they chose to turn a brilliant and mysterious epic into a mere soap opera. Ask yourself: without the island, how is LOST any different than Days of Our Lives?

(*As a side note, this is exactly why Battlestar Galactica ended up sucking: it, too, lost sight of what made it unique and succumbed to becoming a soap opera.)

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May 24th, 2010 / 1:29 pm