Where the Words Come From: A Gmail Fuckoff about Getting Work Done

Ryan:  wat else you doing rightnow?
like this instant what ar eyou doing!
i am always curious what you do

Sent at 1:45 PM on Thursday
me:  haha
i was laying on the bed
then i got back up and saw your msg
i got up cuz i thought of a sentence for this collab thing i am trying to finish a draft of
Ryan:  haha
i see
you just think sentences?
i dont think sentences
i dunno
i cant
my brain
i dunno
me:  well i have a set of images the thing is ending with
and i had a sentence that resolves one of them occur
yeah i think entirely in sentences mostly
but often based out of an initial image or situation of images
so the sentence kind of falls out of the image in specific words
but i dont really think about the words
or the image
Ryan:  huh
i need to be like
actively typing
in order for a sentence/language to happen
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May 13th, 2010 / 2:15 pm