Marilyn as hour glass

loaded with tufts like a dogwood or 14 critics

12. Fucking A! Aimee Bender is interviewed about women and drinking.

It was a surprise for me after college to realize I didn’t hate beer, which I had assumed I hated, which cut off a lot of options.

9. Roger Ebert is a badass and just won New Yorker caption contest.

9. Bullet in the Brain is online here. It has typos but who gives a fuck. It has many technical flourishes. It has “moves.” You should read it and then pass it on or disrespect it or yawn or make some comment about critics. I am working a theme here, all crow, etc.


“I made a mistake in writing an essay called ‘The Pleasures of the Difficult,'” Mr. Baumbach said.

13. At the store, do you prefer self-checkout, self-bagging, or is it ethically wrong? What exactly made the dandelion an enemy flower? Why do weathermen despair the rain? You can learn to talk wisely about a nice house or you can learn to build a house. Red Bull makes you an individual, except for the drinking Red Bull thing. Do you aim while peeing? Who chose what would one day be labeled white noise?

14. On the issue:

I’ve always felt those articles somehow reveal more about the writers than they do about me.

Marilyn Monroe.

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April 27th, 2011 / 6:30 pm