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Cinema x 3: Melancholia, The Tree of Life, Feature Friday


You no doubt read Greg Gerke’s deeply critical post about Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. Curtis White has now posted his own much more positive impressions of the film. I’ve tried convincing the two of them to go at it like me and Chris Higgs—I even introduced them during AWP—but they’re being too polite. Chime in in the comments section, demanding blood!


Martin Seay is currently posting a series on Tree of Life; the first part went up yesterday, and part 2 is supposedly forthcoming today. (Meanwhile, don’t miss Martin’s meditations on Anonymous.)

(My own thoughts on Tree are here. I have nothing to say about Anonymous.)


Every Friday at Big Other, I’m posting links to feature-length films that are up at YouTube. And I’m doing it for you!

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March 15th, 2012 / 8:01 am

Music Roundup: Martin Seay, Annie Gosfield, The Smiths


My favorite thing I read on the internet last year was Martin Seay’s epic essay on Ke$ha, the Beastie Boys, and Beyoncé:

Although “TiK ToK” contains stupidity—in much the same way that a Twinkie contains high fructose corn syrup—it is anything but a stupid song.  Unlike three decades’ worth of kegstanding fratboys, Sebert misses the point of “Fight for Your Right” deliberately: she interprets the Beasties’ (limited and unsuccessful) attempts at irony and connotive suggestion as amounting to no more than inefficiency, and as such she excises them.  […]

It’s erudite, funny, and very, very correct.


Blake, this is for you. (Play it LOUD!)


I wrote some posts at Big Other about overlooked Smiths songs:


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