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Mary Gaitskill on Slate’s Open Book

The amazing Mary Gaitskill has a new book out. I like all of Gaitskill’s work, but her stories especially, and so I’m very excited about this new book, which I don’t own yet, but hope to very soon. Slate reviewed the book the other day, and they liked it. Gaitskill also appeared on Slate’s Open Book series, which they produce in collaboration with the NYU creative program program. Gaitskill sits down with Meghan O’Rourke and Deborah Landau, to talk about her new book and read from it. One of my favorite things about Open Book is that they post two versions of each interview: the ~10 minute version that gets spotlighted on Slate, but also the extended (ie complete) version of the conversation, which can last upwards of a half hour. 

Gaitskill Open Book, abridged version.  For harcore fans: uncut version here

Previous episodes of Open Book have included conversations with John Ashbery (abridged here; uncut here) and Junot Diaz  (for some reason I can only find the short version of that one).

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April 2nd, 2009 / 11:14 am