Interview: Reader Who Recently Finished Infinite Jest

1.      So how long did it take you to read the book? 

I set a starting date at May 1 and then actually began a week before so I would have a buffer.  I finished around August 1.  So a little over 3 months.

2. Did you ever read the book in public places or leave the book out purposefully when visitors were over?  

Ha Ha.  I certainly read it in public places but I wouldn’t say I purposefully left it out.  It was out tho and people would see it.  I also mentioned it a lot in conversation.  I did this less to brag about the endeavor and more to make sure I backed up my talk about reading it.  I had tried reading 2666 by Bolano and never could get past book 5, I think book 5…Whichever one deals with all the deaths in Mexico.  I hate that, not finishing a book.  And I tend to have ADD and while reading a book will sometimes pick up other easier reading books, articles, chick mags, periodicals…For whatever reason I stayed focused on this book.  I didn’t so much as pick up another book while reading it.

3.     How did you deal with the footnotes, I mean logistically? I know some people like to use two bookmarks. 

Oh yea, two book marks.  I almost never use book marks and actually, it was more one book mark:  just for the end notes.  I did the dog ear for most of the main section.

4. Have you read other DFW? How did this book compare?

I have read a bunch of his nonfiction, which I love.  I had tried reading his short stories about 5 years ago and could not make it through them.  I am currently on a DFW binge though so I plan on picking all that stuff up and rereading it.  I love his nonfiction a lot, but this book…it had such a depth to it that you obviously are not going to get reading his nonfiction.  You can feel the work put into it, and the way it all adds up.  I remember reading somewhere to “trust” DFW while reading this book.  Just know at some point it’s going to click; and it did.

5. Did you ever read the book while on drugs or alcohol? 

I hope you don’t quote my name so my mom sees that I do drugs and alcohol…but yes.


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August 6th, 2012 / 6:19 pm