I am drinking gin & wrote about 7 songs as they came up on random in my itunes while they played until they ended part 2

“Dust Switch,” Squarepusher, Music is Rotted One Note

I always wished there was a stairwell in my bedroom and I never had one, you see those movies with the rooms that have the stairwells that spiral up into somewhere else, like that room in the second half of Geronimo Rex that ends the book and the weird passage of bodies through it. I spread out on the grass beside Barry Hannah’s grave last week, I rolled my back against the ground until I could see the sky behind me and the buildings there upside down, there was this yellow-lighted building where there was a party that was hanging out of the earth toward that and it was like being pressed against something in reverse gravity and I wanted to stick there but people were talking and it scrambled something like the bass in here. I always wished I could play drums but I am not a drummer-person, drummers are made out of different kind of human scrap, all drummers seem to me like they aren’t going to age at all and one day they’ll just die. This song’s ok but it really just makes me want to listen to Bitches Brew. The key tone in here is pretty nice, reminds me of crystals

“W,” Codeine, Barely Real

More keys in here, it’s like the keys in the other shut the fuck up and became the keys in this song. I wonder if you had all the songs ever written you could put them in a logical order that would just be another thing, I wonder if the length of all the songs ever written is longer than the amount of time people have been playing music, seems like yes but maybe not, when do people go to sleep, how many songs are being written right now. I don’t like this song at all really, well I guess sort of but it doesn’t song like what I remember Codeine sounding like though it’s been a long time since I pulled them up, I like those songs on albums that you skip when you are originally listening to the album a lot because you like that one song less and then later that song suddenly reappears and seems so new in the context of the others, and you can listen to it in a different way than the whole album, I’m thinking mainly of the “The Good Thing” by Talking Heads because I always hated that song until one day I didn’t. This piano part now is really getting irritating. I’ll take a sip of this drink. There’s some limeade in it which I discovered this week having in my fridge improves my life by a good 8-11%. I wish I could look up right now and see someone I didn’t expect to be here sitting in my house, it could be anybody, as long as they were supposed to be elsewhere. Will the internet let you do that one day, I hope not. Fuck a stairwell I want rope.


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June 14th, 2011 / 4:11 pm