neck deep

Ander Monson’s electronic boatload

If you’re a fan of Ander Monson (which, you should be: if you haven’t read, in particular, his story collection OTHER ELECTRICITIES, you are missing a hell of a book), then you may or may not know about Ander’s personal website based around his books, which in the case of the last two releases in particular is a host of a whole slew of amazing and weird unreleased texts from Ander’s diagrammatic brain.

The Apocrypha section of the Other Electricities section of the site (yeah, each layer is layered more and more deeply often, and the NECK DEEP section often seems a maze of its own ilk), has a ton of lists, letters, and other deleted scenes material, much of which like what you might find on Ander’s DIAGRAM.

It’s a good place to get lost and a good model for authors wanting to make their own websites things people will actually want to look at and come back to.

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October 25th, 2008 / 1:12 am