Nervous reading out loud

14 mixed feelings on disliking cops

14. Got nervous reading out loud tonight. I know my voice trembled. I became aware of said fact, this trembling voice, and…and, and you know the cycle. Fuck. I felt low. I speak out loud FOR A LIVING. This happens about thrice a year. Any tips?

13. The story — or more accurately, the story about the story — resonated in the media cycle far more than a typical New Yorker article.

That painting will be sold for $25 million plus. Did you look at it or the “Christie’s employee” first? Just wondering. Just the posing of the “Christie’s employee” in this way to present the grotesque twisting of the self portrait should open some questions about art. Suddenly I sound like Jimmy Chen, but with much less eloquence.

14. The thing I see now is the poem written by two. Braided Creek is a book of poetry written by two. It is damn good:

Each time I go outside the world
is different. This has happened
all my life.
The sparrow is not busy,
but hungry.
14. If the frame story narrator has no significant heart connection to the big story, the head-meat being told, remove the frame. My opinion. I am talking technique now. The frame should be very, very necessary.
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April 19th, 2011 / 10:43 pm