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Crystal Gavel, New Lights Press, Michael Kimball don’t ever change (your jacket)

crystalgavel Sean Lovelace turned me on to his new Ander Monson-inspired journal, The Crystal Gavel (v1).  This first issue features new work from Ander Monson, Darby Larson, Daniel Bailey, yours truly and more. Not just anyone can get published there, though: Amazon is handling the rejections.

This is an important idea, really. Fight absurdity because it is yours to defeat. I am excited to see what’ll happen in issue 2.

So what else is new?

Aaron Cohick of New Lights Press, the wizard that brought us the $400 Brian Evenson book (no shit, $400 — I offered Cohick $200 cash on the spot for a copy and he declined — what an ethos! Eat it, JA Tyler and your $2 Evensons [do we need a link?]!) is looking for writers who want to work with him on an artist book version of their work. Check out the press, consider it carefully, see what happens.

Also, I really, really like this video about Michael Kimball and his book Dear Everybody (which, though it’s a pretty high-ranking book, has only half the reviews that the crystal gavel has) (eat it, Michael Kimball). Michael Kimball once published a poem in The Quarterly that went like this: Now Do You Remember?

This concludes my first ever HTML Giant mamma-jamma (sp?).

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March 5th, 2009 / 2:51 pm