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Jeez, Jackal, You Sure are a Jackal!

I feel loathe to spread attention about a dude who goes by the goober moniker “The Jackal,” but the story is moderately interesting enough to bring up: supposedly notorious literary agent Andrew Wylie makes a supposed splash by selling e-book rights for books that had not supposedly had previous e-rights contracted, including Updike, Nabokov, and etc., in an exclusive contract to Amazon via his newly established Odyssey Editions, formed entirely for ebook handling. Now there’s a big legal kerfuffle over who gets to do what with what and why to who and for how much and why not me and what are you doing motherfucker that’s my vacation house #2 fund we’re talkin’ bout. Moby Lives has the full scoop.

Agents. I mean look at this guy!

Props to MHP for the 'shitforbrains' image filename

Now look at him again, in 1972!

All the LeatherJacketed Young-Once Not-Really-Literary Men

If you’d like to buy a copy of that picture to hang over your bed, the pricing & information has been included in the image like a good salesboy.

I wish George Bush era brains had popularized Styrofoam-books instead. That seems more fun.

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July 23rd, 2010 / 4:59 pm