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Massive People (11): Peter Cole


Peter Cole is the editor of Keyhole Magazine and Press, an entity that has gone from start up beginnings to massive and all over perhaps quicker than any other literary magazine that has ever existed. Based out of Nashville, Keyhole is not only a magazine, a website, a press for full length books, it also continues to push its horizons with any way it can get words into peoples hands, such as the Nashville is Reads project, which tapes poems to random locations in publics, and Keyhole Digest, freely distributed online and in real life.

In around 2 years they’ve released 7 full length print issues, maintained a steady flow of content on their website, released a full length book (William Walsh’s fantasticly odd and oddly moving Questionstruck) with plans for many more already lined up, several chapbooks, contests… so much output I can hardly even remember to list it all.

I asked Peter if I could ask him some questions about the start up of Keyhole and its ever expanding umbrella, and he kindly agreed.


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June 16th, 2009 / 10:37 am