the Auld Lang Syne

Because I don’t know what the rest of my day/night is going to look like yet, but am basically sure it won’t involve this computer, I thought it best to play safe and offer up New Year’s tidings to every one–yes, every one–of you out there.


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Thanks for being part of our lives. And don’t forget to check your Chinese calendar: 2009 is the year of the GIANT.  


People with things to do might stop reading now, but in case it’s still too early for you to start drinking in your particular time zone, or if you’ve already started but haven’t left the house yet, or if you’re already out but reading this on your iPhone (in which case, Jesus H.), here are some things to look at/read/listen to.

We’ll start with the original Hogmanay hearthrob, Mr. Robert Burns:


Would pr like to nail this guy? If not, shes the only one.

Would pr like to nail this guy? If not, she's the only one.

Why not visit Robert Burns Country: The Official Robert Burns Site? (I wonder what makes it official, other than them saying so. Not that fiat isn’t cool too, but let me know if you figure it out.)

Why not take a few moments now to practice the Auld Lang Syne in Scots, so you won’t mess it up when midnight rolls around?

Why not read about Guy Lombardo and Auld Lang Syne on NPR?

Phish also do a pretty mean version of the song (on this recording with a weird “Iron Man” jam in the middle of it for some reason. Listen for when the guy standing next to the taper figures out what they’re doing and goes “it’s Iron Man!”)

The Robert Burns of today? (No, not even close.)


Catch you on the flip side, suckas.

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December 31st, 2008 / 11:54 am