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Natalie Lyalin Week (2): Water Experiment in Two Parts

Below is perhaps my favorite poem, though there are likely many favorites, in Natalie Lyalin’s Pink & Hot Pink Habitat. It speaks for itself. After it though, following the break, I’ll say a little more about what it does on me, as a human.

Water Experiment In Two Parts


A scientific study reveals: water is alive.

Equal amounts of water is poured into three identical containers.

Zelig Berken died fighting in world war II.

Equal amounts of rice is poured into each container.

Zelig Berken was twenty years old.

The first container is told “I hate you.” The second container
is told “I don’t care about you.” and the third container is told
“I love you very much.”

While Zelig Berken was away at war his entire town was evacuated.

The rice in the first container turned black. The rice in the second container
bloomed. And the rice in the third container rotted.


Water is poured into two identical containers.

The first container goes home with Scientist A.

The second goes to church with Scientist B.

The next day, a droplet is extracted from each container.

The droplet from the first container shows nothing of significance.

The droplet from the second container shows formations of stars

and giant flowers.


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March 9th, 2010 / 12:58 pm