Geography Thursday

In “The Wrong Place” (published in Art Journal), Miwon Kwon argues:

Throughout the twentieth century, the history of avant-garde, or “advanced” or “critical,” art practices (however one might want to characterize those practices that have pressured the status quo of dominant art and social institutions) can be described as the persistence of a desire to situate art in “improper” or “wrong” places. That is, the avant-garde struggle has in part been a kind of spatial politics, to pressure the definition and legitimization of art by locating it elsewhere, in places other than where it “belongs.” (42-3)

Do you agree? Is this relevant to writing? Can writing be situated improperly? How so or not?

[Note: This post is being composed in a very wrong place for me: DC in a Starbucks with free wifi.]

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February 3rd, 2011 / 9:32 am