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Against HTML, Giants, and HTMLGiant

The following essay was written last Friday in preperation for Mean Week. Had its author known Blake Butthair would have employed similar rhetoric, he would have posted this earlier.

1. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which is a euphemism for ‘gay ass effects for little bitches.’ Most common examples of ‘text markup’ are bold and italics. Whoever wrote it had some major issues, this thing for reciprocity. Every ‘tag’ needs to be closed by an ‘end-tag,’ for example:


<title>I’m a little geek bitch</title>


HTML is also homosexual, for example:


<title>I swallow cum</title>


2. GIANTS are severely retarded people with gross birth defects. Popular culture tries to render giants who are either likable (Sun Ming Ming) or martyrs (Gulliver, relative scale). Anthropologically speaking, Giants represent the first stages of human devolution. Darwinian theory is as follows (paraphrased for you goddamn plebeians): the more you can survive this hell on earth, the more you can fuck as many people you can, the more kids you’ll have who share your genetic disposition, and the more they can continue suffering and fucking. My point is: don’t fuck giants.

3. HTMLGIANT is the brain (however dense) child of Blake Butler and Gene Morgan, who are both addicted to the internet and their daily attempts to excavate the hard white bumps found on the underside of their penile shafts (which, incidentally, implicates quite well that their conditions were exchanged mutually). All of the contributing writers suffer from some sort of Excavation Fetish:

–Kendra Malone’s nightly refrigerator ‘dairy’ raids (I can’t believe it’s butter).

–Shane Jones’ public library poetry section “ejaculatory duct exodus” (to quote the librarian).

–Matthew Simmons’ nearly fatal nose picks, in which he searches for a clue.

–Justin Taylor’s quarterly Zoetrope rejection letter tear-duct hemorrhaging.

–Josh Maday’s silent-yet-strong (cough, gay) soul, spurted onto his mirror like some over ripe human-sized zit.

–Ryan Call’s eyelash plucking bonanza, in his attempt to render his face even more difficult to look at.

–Mike Young’s ‘dry yet emotional acoustic song’ plopping out of his guitar hole and mouth.

–Last and least, Sam Pink’s annual anal-outcome, in which all the shit that’s been crammed up there by his teenage blogger friends finally leaks out, surely the year’s most translucent and anti-climactic creampie.

And as for you, dear reader. Holy. Fuck.

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October 13th, 2008 / 12:28 am