shome dasgupta

Have you checked in with The Laughing Yeti lately? Shome Dasgupta’s archive of thoughts on reading is becoming epic, and if the Internet lasts after the aliens come and go, it will certainly prove to be a worthwhile resource for the future historians.

It was my own mother, incidentally, whom I can scarcely recall ever seeing with a book in her hand, who told me one day when I was reading The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World that she had read that book years ago herself–in the toilet. I was flabbergasted. Not that she had admitted to reading in the toilet, but it should have been that book, of all books, which she read there.

That’s Henry Miller, in his fantastic nonfic, The Books in My Life.

Shome Dasgupta has a similar thing going on over at his blog, The Laughing Yeti. A bunch of people talking about their reading habits, including Mike Young, Roxane Gay, Stephen Eliot (oh, and me).