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Catalpa: This Is Not True
by Amanda Goldblatt
50 pages. Tape-bound.
Book design: William Todd Seabrook
Cover photographs: Amanda Goldblatt

We can not know what presence is until we know how to punctuate it. We cannot know how to punctuate it until we admit the truth. We cannot admit the truth until we know what words we need to hide. Catalpa is an essay on scrims and landscapes. It’s a poem, a redaction, a confession, at least once a recipe. Here one wants to know: what if animals die and it might not mean anything? Here one is given: an essay that builds sandcastles on the floor. It’s the best kind of nonfiction: the kind that isn’t true.

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June 17th, 2010 / 5:38 pm

Joshua Cohen + The Cupboard = Must Have

Bridge & Tunnel (& Tunnel & Bridge)
by Joshua Cohen
66 pages. Tape-bound
$5.00 (Just released — order here!!!)

A man performs the role of the Sun in a bit of modern choregraphy, and a young ballerina ruins a dinner party with one violent sneeze. A painter paints paintings of walls and hires a painter to paint onto a wall. Some lifestories get rejected. Some stalkers get stalked. Here, for you: twelve stories, to be read as they were written—on the bridge, in the tunnel, in the bus, on the train.

Here’s an excerpt:

from Bridge & Tunnel (& Tunnel & Bridge)

When we stopped saying we were going to move out of the city, we had:

nothing to talk about at parties, nothing to talk about on the train, nothing to talk about to my aunt, nothing to talk about to her parents, nothing to talk about over pizza, nothing to talk about over good but insufferable sushi, nothing to talk about on the corner of Canal Street & Centre, nothing to talk about at jury duty, nothing to talk about in the bathroom at the theater before a movie began. When the bun place closed. The midnight movie theater in Midtown. When there was nothing to do in Midtown. No point to go. When the deli that pastramitized its own meats shut down, too. I really liked that bun place. When we stopped saying we were going to move out of the city, we became more bearable (we had to be). But, speaking just for me, more depressed.

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February 23rd, 2010 / 11:39 pm

Collaboratively Written Short Stories?

Got an email from Dave Madden — who has an awesome book called The Authentic Animal: Inside the Odd and Obsessive World of Taxidermy forthcoming from St. Martin’s Press, and who also co-edits The Cupboard — requesting some suggestions that I thought y’all might be able to help out with:

I’m thinking of teaching [collaboratively written short stories] in my workshop one week, and am looking for some things to read. Any ideas of any, and feel free to define “short story” loosely. Fiction, though. Prose.

My brain has frozen. Can you think of any examples?

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January 8th, 2010 / 12:09 am

Interview with The Cupboard

To celebrate their first year of publishing, I sent some questions to Adam Peterson and Dave Madden, the masterminds behind The Cupboard (a quarterly pamphlet of creative prose), and they were game to retort.

[interview after the jump]


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The Cupboard vol. 2

from The Cupboard:

The Cupboard is pleased to announce its next volume:

A New Map of America


Louis Streitmatter

Edited by James Brubaker


“Perhaps soon, you will begin to hate the cartographer who overexplains his maps…”

The Cupboard

Volume Two

We’ve had to deal with some production issues on this volume, but it should be back from the printer in January and will be immediately shipped. In the interim, you can find out more here and pre-order the volume on our subscription page.

We publish 4 volumes a year, and they can be yours for $15. Subscribe here.

You can also choose to order volumes individually for $5.


We still have copies of Jesse Ball’s Parables & Lies available and could certainly get them shipped by your holiday of choice if you’d like. Subscriptions to The Cupboard make great gifts (we presume).

Thank you again for your support and your patience.

Happy holidays,


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