thick pee

sentences I liked from Tim Kinsella’s book

“From textured freckling, like sand had been thrown at her when her thick skin was wet once and stuck, her blanched blue eyes burst.”

“Against Beau’s head to the floor Will pushed.”

“There might be someone older than her who had spent more cumulative hours, but no one had ever spent as high of a percentage of their time pretending to sleep.”

“The multiverse, she thought, infinite dimensions.”

“Clinical lighting heightened by contrast the blue outside, the space cavernous, so sparse with shoppers.”

“The light fell where it did and stayed where it fell and did not dispense in any functional way and who could help but think, seeing this lighting strategy in action for the first time, What kind of place have I agree to surrender all of my younger self’s hopes for my future self to?”

“Once the thick pee started, the stories and him were made totally separate by it.”

“Only troubled does anything point back at itself.”

“Always did surprise him, the plans he made, like dares to himself, You really gonna?  You got the nerve?  When it came time to execute those plans, he was still just trying to surprise himself even when seeing a plan through.”

“I am aware I am a type, the type who at every opportunity has rejected any decision that would make one more of a type.”

“Despising it in others, it was still sometimes all he ever wanted, silliness.”

“‘Jesus, Ronnie, your daughter is a bitch-daughter.'”

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April 13th, 2012 / 5:34 pm