I want to put my hand in a jar of jelly just so’s I know what it feels like to be so sweet & sour as sauce.

I think tossing darts at a spinning board which is also rotating round its axes is a little bit like participating in a little bit of temporary contemporary literature. Coconuts. (Something about Spinoza’s eyebrows roasting) And really no one disagrees on the score because the darts are too damn small for most of the participants to see, let alone the patrons. Pineapple. Thank you for patronizing me is the first page of a book of mine that isn’t. Nectarines! Seeing is believing has more to it than you think, think of faith. Banana. Mississippi, but let’s face it; it’s a lot more than not for most of us; most of us don’t have time for such a view. Plums.

Most of us haven’t had the time to have seen a lot of the darts the rest of us have seen and also we are on a gigantic hot plate that is rotating around the game itself, making it difficult to know which part of the board one speaks of relative to another because it is simply impossible to say what we see is the same side at the same time in the same way. Ice cream of fruit. Float.

Thinking on what I am saying is a given. Salmon. So that it seems redundant to say so, as I did before. Roe. But then the affect is different with or without words like. Avocado. With gives you a feeling of humility while without lends authority, or something. Tomato. Either way I am the same person and so are you. Sandwich. But what does it matter? Football cap. It does. Forgiveness. I think. Peace of my mind. Which is why. None of your everything.

The reason everyone agrees on Orange is because the sun happens to set that way. {{{—}}}
The question is is it really so beautiful or is it just that big a deal to see the end of the day.

Like baby in a corner, don’t put language in a jar.
Put it in a penis pump. READ MORE >

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February 5th, 2011 / 11:29 pm