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1. @Gawker, 4chan founder tries to explain ‘b-tard’ to federal prosecutors.

2. @Thought Catalog, Brandon Scott Gorrell lists all the drugs he’s taken in chronological order, in 4 parts.

3. Tony O’Neill is reading at the In The Flesh reading series August 19 in NYC, details here. Also, here is in conversation with Adam Carolla.

4. I enjoy creative interpretation of indistinguishable language.

5. Anybody read Tom McCarthy’s C. yet? I am curious to hear about it.

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August 10th, 2010 / 5:56 pm

Paige Williams, a journalist, wrote a fascinating story about Dolly Freed–author of the off-grid classic Possum Living which has been reissued by Tin House this month. Paige self-published the story after many rejections and is accepting donations. I chipped in. I’m sure you’ll want to, too. ::: Tom McCarthy, author of remainder, on David Lynch’s films. Excellent thoughts. ::: And a half-good, half-Wall-Street-Journal Wall Street Journal piece on the state of the slush pile.