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Torpedo #4: Richard Brautigan tribute issue, now available!

My contributor copy of Torpedo #4 showed up the other day, and it’s such a wild, exciting jam-packed ball of awesome that I can barely even tell you. I’ve been a fan of Torpedo–the quarterly published by Australian indy press Falcon vs. Monkey, Falcon Wins ever since they solicited some of my work for issue two, but totally irrespective (or anyway, independent) of how generous they’ve been to me, they’ve so thoroughly outdone themselves with #4, the BRAUTIGAN issue, that I’d be writing this same blog post even if I’d never met them and couldn’t testify personally to their friendliness and general stellar-osity. Here’s the little blurb about #4 from their site (click thru to go to their store) and after the jump there’s a short Q&A with editor Chris Flynn, some excerpts from the issue, scans of some of the art, and a full T.O.C.

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of his untimely death, Volume 4 is a tribute issue to Richard Brautigan. Fiction from 40 writers including Brian Evenson, Ryan Boudinot, Dan Pope & Caren Beilin. Comes free with a nifty envelope containing 8 full colour double-sided pieces of art based on Brautigan’s novels and stories by Dylan Martorell, Mehgan Trice & Eirian Chapman. An intro by Brautigan’s daughter Ianthe, an outro by Radiohead illustrator Stanley Donwood and a cover by L.A.’s Kristian Olson. Get one before they sell out and fall in love with one of the greatest unsung writers of the 20th Century.


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February 19th, 2009 / 12:37 pm