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The New TSky is the New Trickhouse

Tarpaulin Sky #16
Summer 09:

The current issue of Tarpaulin Sky is the current issue of Trickhouse; i.e., the current issue of Trickhouse is the current issue of Tarpaulin Sky. Think of it as Trick Sky or Tarp House. Or just don’t worry about all that, and instead proceed directly to the goods:.

Trickhouse Vol. 5 / Tarpaulin Sky #16
Curated by Noah Saterstrom

  • texts by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Thalia Field, and Joanna Howard (from Heide Hatry’s Heads and Tales)
  • video by Anne Waldman and Lisa Jarnot
  • sound by Caroline Bergvall
  • correspondence from Lisa Birman
  • an experiment conducted by Brandon Shimoda & Lisa Schumaier
  • an interview with Gordon Massman, conducted by Ana Božičević, Blake Butler, Elena Georgiou, Amy King, and Selah Saterstrom
  • visual art by Josh Friedman
  • and guest curator, Verbobala’s “Hex-ologram”
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August 17th, 2009 / 5:48 pm

Trickhouse 3

I wonder if you google Trickhouse if you can find local whores. Probably everything you google ends up at whores eventually.

Anyway, you don’t need google, cause here’s a link: TRICKHOUSE.ORG

Curated by Noah Saterstrom, the house just keeps getting trickier.


visual artist: Eric Baden
writers: Brenda Iijima, Rebecca Brown, Michelle Naka Pierce
guest curator: Miriam Kathrein
sound: Andrew Klobucar
video: Abigail Child
correspondent: Erik Anderson
interview: Mathias Svalina with Shelton Walsmith
experiment: Denise Uyegara with Natalie Nguyen

Videos, experimental, an emphasis on visual art, language shits, et al. I really like the videos (‘Blonde Fur’ is particularly eerie.) and the roomy layout. Trickhouse is dope.

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November 25th, 2008 / 3:05 am