Thank you, UbuWeb, for giving me some Hitler today.


UbuWeb is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today’s stumbled upon wonderful thing? Benjamin Weismann reading “Hitler Ski Story.

You should seek out Weismann’s book Headless, which appeared as part of Dennis Cooper’s Akashic books series Little House on the Bowery.

I like Weismann’s book. There are any number of quirky writers out there. Some are even not entirely bad. (Some are actually pretty good.) Weismann is not quirky. He’s not amusing. He’s not wry. He’s not gentle. He’s straight on absurd. The stories don’t just inhabit there own little worlds, parallel to our world. They tear our little world down, grab the necessary pieces, and burn the rest of the shit in a gigantic bonfire. You can actually smell the blaze on his fiction.

Here’s Weismann on Smokelong Quarterly.

Here’s an LA Times list.

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February 24th, 2009 / 4:16 pm