It has come to our attention that Karl “King” Wenclas (disambiguation here) has written a post (essay?) about HTMLGiant on something he (charmingly?) refers to as his “premium” blog. What this means is that we can’t read it, but he has announced (let slip?) that it is called “Paper Tiger.” Does anyone out there have access to this thing (?) and if so please pass it along to us because we are just dying to read it (possibly out loud to each other while we eat caviar and rub each others’ feet (with caviar)). Also, though I’m writing in advance of having read the doubtless thorough (and sweeping?) insights in the “King”‘s presumably awesome^3 post, and therefore in a state of complete ignorance, I would like to suggest that the “King”‘s thesis is incorrect. HTMLGiant is not a paper tiger.  We are a lego dinosaur.

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April 14th, 2010 / 12:07 pm