we are champion

The new We Are Champion is out. Oregon Trail poems, fuckage of maps, junk parades, notes on being torn apart by horses, and much more. Girls and boys and carrot discharge. Go read the only online literary magazine that has been documented next to Shaq.

We Are Champion Issue 2 is live, featuring new work by Jimmy Chen, Chris Oklum, Mike Young, Ben Mirov, Joseph Goosey, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Miguel Morales, Mark Leidner, Reynard Seifert, and an interview with Ben Marcus about his forthcoming Flame Alphabet, who says, “I do this for myself, for my own standards, because I don’t know how to do it for anyone else. I’m the only reader whose thoughts I have deep access to. It would all be guesswork to do this for someone else, to address someone else’s standards.”