November 1st, 2011 / 7:02 pm

Choose Your Own Adventure!


  1. Darby Larson

      pretty much

  2. Laura Carter


  3. Trey

      I wonder if I can make the comment thread for this post be about tao lin

  4. Melissa Broder

      yeah, just tweeted what looks to be a dud. trying to decide whether to delete it or “collage” over it with a new tweet.

  5. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      What was everyone for Halloween this year? I just put a ballgag in my mouth and walked around.

  6. deadgod

      ………………………………………………..[FIGHT]——[COMFORT IN OWN FLESH]

  7. drew kalbach

      twitter needs a ‘like’ button like facebook does or something

  8. Janey Smith

      Tweet, tweet.

  9. sam

      what we need here is more approval!

  10. Evan Hatch

      i try to like all deadgod comments just because of ‘brand recognition’

  11. bartleby_taco

      I heard the author known as TOA LIN is a RENOWNED cannibal, a complete anarchist, a real despot…geez…like, you have NO idea. My uncle Frank told me he worked for him at the hardware store (built on the broken backs of our mutual relation, my grandfather, his dad: Pa Mike), because he felt sorry for the kid, and he just ended up stealing all the screws, rearranging the store’s inventory like it just wasn’t No Thing. And lemme tell ya, when Frank’s daughter walked in the store, well that was the day TOA got fired……(larceny, grand theft auto, [something] [something], soiled dreams/heart, ____ )………..

  12. Ester

      An illuminating illustration of something ghastly about nowadays. Makes one long for the seventies.

  13. postitbreakup

      try to make friends with someone online –> they want you to read their shit –> you read it and they’re still not your friend, OR you don’t read it and feel guilty and stop talking to them out of shame –> feel incredibly lonely –> tweet/blog about being lonely & depressed –> drive away even more of the people you were trying to be friends with in the first place –> get even lonelier & more depressed

  14. Melissa Broder

      Update: I didn’t delete it. I “collaged.” I got no retweet x2. Have entered that precarious mindrealm where one can easily tweet & delete into a spiral of doom — all in the name of trying to redeem one’s feed. But one cannot redeem a bum tweet (or two bum tweets, god forbid) by “layering” further tweets upon them. You know this. I know this. Never tweet from a place of desperation. The only way to redeem one’s feed is to walk away and not tweet for a time; to abstain until the other tweeters come to resemble either sheep or ants. Only then can you return to the feed an empowered tweeter and begin the cycle again. Baruch hashem.

  15. Erik Stinson

      user experience journey

  16. mimi

      scan Comments Sidebar for recent deadgod comments  

      occasionally reply to deadgod comments in hopes that deadgod will reply back   

      fantasize that deadgod thinks i’m witty  

      wonder if deadgod has ever checked out my blog  

      dread the thought that deadgod has actually checked out my blog  

      fight off panic attack  

      lie awake at night pondering true identity of deadgod  

      occasionally wonder ‘where is zzzippy?’    

  17. reynard

      ‘the writing life’

  18. drew kalbach

      this is true

  19. Melissa Broder

      Kal-a-bach-girl is in my top 12 fave tweeters. 
      He has mastered the poesy-hater tweet genre.
      Also does a nice supermarket.
      U wanna talk about craft?
      This is a craftsman.

  20. deadgod

      It’s an attractive and witty blog.  I can offer a non-divine guarantee that there are many way more interesting, entertaining, and challenging things to ponder at any time.

  21. MJ

      I feel like watching Archer. When does the new season start?

  22. mimi

      dear deaders,  thank you for your kind reply, it means a lot to me  and yes, there are many wild and wonderful things to contemplate during a middle-of-the-night ponder  the true identity of You  the true identity of Me  why breathing feels so goddamn good  why spinach makes my teeth feel gritty  yours,  mimi

  23. John Minichillo

      Like Like

  24. derick dupre

      discomfort in own flesh –> kill self and hope your friends or the police seize your laptop and open first that desktop file called “note.rtf” which details the responsibilities of your unwitting literary executors and second “thirdnovel.rtf” which you believe to be your best work.

  25. Anonymous
  26. Jj

      please no

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