December 7th, 2012 / 2:34 am
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Found Text (with edits)

I just got back from the store and found this on the front door of my apartment building:

Did you know a man was shot in the chest on [street nearby] Wednesday night?

Did you know the man shot resides at [my street]?

Did you know three shots were fired in front of [street nearby]?

Did you know two of the three shots hit a parked car on [street nearby]?

Did you know one shot ricocheted off the car and has not been located?

To know more about what the city is doing about our neighborhood crime:


I’m pretty sure I heard it happen, and remember thinking “shots or car backfiring?”


  1. Mel Bosworth

      did the man shot live or die?

  2. Brooks Sterritt

      he lived and is recovering in the hospital.

  3. Mel Bosworth

      yay survival.

  4. Brooks Sterritt

      for a few more years/decades at least :D (myself included of course)

  5. Peter Jurmu

      “upset baby or kidnapping?”

  6. Brooks Sterritt

      “burned body found in dumpster in Logan. still with us?”

  7. postitbreakup


  8. wuliao727
  9. BeThought

      I live in Atlanta. We’ve learned to differentiate rifles and shotguns from handguns by the sound. There is no danger in our immediate neighborhood, and most of our neighbors would consider it rude (or imprudent) to involve any government authority in such events.

  10. Brooks Sterritt

      I’m from North Carolina. More than one of my high school classmates had family killed in a drive-by. It sucks.

  11. jereme_dean

      Seems ‘crazy’.

      Today I took my dog, little dave, for a walk on mount hollywood. we followed a coyote path that climbed upwards. I threw the squeak ball off the side of the mountain a couple times, but had to stop because several rattle snakes started their lovely song in protest of our presence.

      Once down the mountain a police helicopter surfaced overhead and shot its powerful light beam down the street we had just walked from. Then several cop cars with lights and sirens sped towards the direction.

      Over the past three days the paramedics have been called to my street 4 times.

      Several weeks ago the LAPD riot squad shut down a large section of my city due to several hundred skaters drinking and fighting in the street.

      Sometimes a mexican person sells things from a hand cart in my neighborhood. But there’s no rhythm to when they come.

      An Armenian man sells fruit, vegetables and eggs from his red van every day. I know when he’s here because ‘la cucuracha’ is played by horn.

  12. jereme_dean

      And now the ghetto bird is circling a building a few down from mine.

      Just making sky donuts.

  13. mimi

      i work in richmond’s iron triangle two days a week, east oakland three days a week

      the ‘ambient noise’ contains much info

      and i’m Always scanning, keep my creep radar on