January 20th, 2012 / 11:24 am

The unpublished concept notes for a book on social media marketing

A Google Document authored by Adam Humphreys and Erik Stinson that had not been opened for 9 months:


A book for people who already get it.
What is the big smoke package?”
By Adam and Erik

Most books about social media are written for clueless older MBA guys, by slightly less clueless, slightly younger MBA guys. They are used to selling things for Proctor and Gamble and started their personal blog in 2009.


Write a book/PDF that is for people who ALREADY understand social media, as a way of celebrating and expanding the culture and language of marketing, ad strategy, and just chilling online. To be of vital cultural interest to said MBA guys.

Writing strategy:
If it’s funny, good. If it’s not funny, it’s got to be weird or true.



We are not MBAs but here are some things social media will do in the next 20 years, maybe.

Ways You Can Be Qualified To Read This Book: the logic of writing a social media book for people who already understand social media.

The non-history of Socraft.

The 5-10 tenets of Socraft.

A list of people who are better qualified to use twitter than anyone who is a marketing professional.

Why the concept of ‘professional creative’ is obviously bullshit.

The language of advanced twitter users, potentially….

Original article on Socraft

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