Youtube yet again teaches me something about writing.

Posted by @ 6:48 pm on May 5th, 2009


This time, though, I’m not entirely sure what.

Someone has taken Matthew Barney’s Cremaster films, and made them into levels for a video game called LittleBigPlanet.

It actually sort of makes sense, too. The piece of the films that I’ve seen is that section of Cremaster 3 available on DVD, the one called “The Order.” It’s a 30 minute piece in which Barney as The Entered Apprentice overcomes a series of obstacles to reach the top of the Guggenheim.

(And interesting visual gag in the video game version: the player rides up on the “field emblem” in various places. The cremaster muscles raise and lower the testicles. The field emblem in the game goes up and down on a chain. I think that made me giggle.)

Is this a lesson about “high art” and “low art”? Naw, no one cares about those lessons anymore.

How about this: Annie Proulx should be less concerned when people write Brokeback Mountain fan fiction. No one will mistake those pieces of work for your own. And often people find that the way they want to react to art is by borrowing pieces of it and putting it into their own contexts.

See also: Paul Di Filippo’s “Slumberland” from his wonderful book, Little Doors.

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