March 21st, 2013 / 10:21 pm
Craft Notes & Snippets & Vicarious MFA


  1. Daniel Bailey

      I LIKE IT

  2. reynard


  3. Jeremy Bauer

      that’s pretty fun

  4. Mark Cugini

      Oh I just can’t with this one.

  5. Clay Banes
  6. mimi

      0 minutes ago near Berkeley, CA

      When you walk down the street, your brain is a tiny person that puts one foot in front of the other. It makes a small leap of faith at every crack in the sidewalk. It makes a giant leap when another person walks by.

  7. James Embry

      There’s definitely something to this. I’ve read poems imagining Megaman running on top of the lines, in a level that scrolls down, and each new stanza is a new area, where sometimes you have to quick course-correct to avoid falling on instant death spikes.

      That doesn’t sound as good as the above, but it is literally true.