March 4th, 2011 / 4:11 pm
Web Hype


If you click on this candy comes out a sack of cowshit smelling like sea salt for sale, not for money but for time, clicking on 'download excerpt' will give you an excerpt of the whole thing, I hope that's okay!

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  1. hellpo

      even at free it’s not worth my time.

  2. zusya

      plot summary?

      /you’re a redditor, aren’t you..

  3. Jimmy Chen

      1. hellpo, you dumb asshole 2. i fucking love that lionel poster, so good. 3. nice cover art.

  4. deadgod

      George Seifert Is A Good Coach, But There Is No Relation And I Can’t Get You A Job As Associate Team Videographer, by Reynard Seifert.

  5. reynard

      yeah but i forgot what it’s about

  6. reynard

      is that a book you wrote deadgod, i wanna read that dad

  7. reynard

      oh yeah that lionel thing is all over the tumblr, probably someone was a genius for ten seconds when they thought of that, he’ll probably go to art school and wind up teaching ceramics to geriatrics

      thanks man the painter anthony record said he thinks the story and the painting belong together

  8. reynard

      hey hellpo you’re probably right but, much like a tootsie pop, you have a big brown ball in your stomach and your sense of logic seems to be on like a fifth grade reading level, i’d suggest harper lee’s to kill a mockingbird or where the red fern grows

  9. deadgod

      no, it is a name for your book which is a title that has nothing to do with anything in the book which is (one of) your book(s)

      does this name accidentally have something to do with something in your book and that’s why you didn’t recognize it as a title for your book that has nothing to do with anything in your book?

  10. reynard

      oh yeah i forgot i said that, that was really about the fact that if you download the thing on goodreads it saves as someweirdlongnumber.pdf so you can name it whatever you want

      i wish george seifert was my dad

  11. reynard

      hey zusya i decided the summary will be ‘A necropastoral murder mystery set it Oakland, California.’

  12. zusya

      hmm sounds good to me. will check it out.

  13. Anonymous

      saw that poster in like um cow hollow