Administrative Email to All You Secret Santas

Posted by @ 2:06 am on December 9th, 2008

Here’s the email I just sent out to you Secret Santas in case some of you have insane spam filters (if you’re not a Secret Santa, please disregard or something, I don’t know):

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for signing up for our Secret Santa thingy. I have finally gotten all of the Secret Santas assigned. I used a fancy random number sorting system in Excel. I typed random numbers very quickly into a column and then sorted everyone’s names by those random numbers in an ascending order and then pasted that list against the master list.

I will begin sending out those assignments later tonight.

So, the purpose of this email is to go over a few things. I will try to keep it as clear as possible.

1) Because the main idea behind this exchange was to support independent presses/journals/authors/etc, we strongly encourage you to choose a gift from that ‘world.’ If you’re unfamiliar with the small press world, then have a look at the links over at or check the HTMLGIANT archives for various presses/journals that we’ve spotlighted. Many of these presses/journals are also running holiday specials at this time. We’ll try to spotlight more of these in the coming weeks. Also, feel free to email me back (SECRET SANTA ??? in the subject field) if you have a question.

2) We suggest that you spend between $15 and $25 on your Secret Santa purchase. We certainly don’t want to limit you if you’d like to go beyond that, but we’d at least like to keep things relatively even. If you’re comfortable spending more than the recommended price range while simultaneously receiving a gift worth less in return, then by all means go for it. We like to see that kind of reckless spirit.

3) And of course, please don’t recycle an old book through the gift exchange. Instead, buy a nice new book or subscription. We’d like to be able to say that all of you Secret Santas drummed up such and such amount of money this holiday season for independent literature. If you do have an old indie book/journal you’d like to swap around, watch our site for a Used Book Marketplace of some sort in the future, on which you might be able to score a trade.

4) And finally, please don’t wait too long to get these gifts sent out. Once you do make a purchase, send me an email (SECRET SANTA GIFT in the subject) to let me know what you bought for your gift recipient. Then I can post a giant list on Christmas so everyone can learn the identity of their Secret Santa, and so we can see what kinds of goodies everyone else got.

Simple enough?

Okay, have fun with this and please let me know if you have questions.

Thanks again for participating.