September 23rd, 2010 / 5:59 pm
Web Hype


  1. hercious

      What’s real, what isn’t? I don’t know what to believe anymore?

  2. Trey

      I’ve heard that landlord sucks, can’t wait to see if JT rips him up or not.

  3. deadgod

      Great American Blogicle

      It’s not the cleverest or most humorous. The contributor took little care, shows scant graphix skilz, doesn’t have a point of view. But Great American Website shows us the way we obsessively mock the mighty and the weak.


  4. frank

      lit meme

  5. zusya

      what does it signify when the parody of a parody… is funnier than the parody?

  6. JustinTaylor

      My landlord is awesome. His name is Bruce and he’s pretty much the hardest-core guy I know. He’s owned this building since the year I was born. His secretary grew up on this block, and one time told me she was scared to walk down it until like 5 years ago. When the power went out in August I made him drive in from Long Island so I could get in the basement, and then when changing the fuse didn’t work we sat in his office drinking pre-mixed margaritas from a box while we waited for the electrician to show. Jimmy–you are a photoshop genius; this made me laugh out loud.

  7. deadgod

      Great American Post

      It’s not the pithiest or most resonant comment. The commenter doesn’t capitalize, refers cryptically to Macbeth, asks a rhetorical question. But what does it signify shows us the we we live, laugh, love.


  8. zusya

      it’s like you’re talking to me, but not, but in the way that you’re talking to everybody else – about something i posted – which, i guess, includes me, because i am necessarily a part of the ‘everybody’ your post, i guess, is directed at.

      though, i wasn’t asking a rhetorical question. i had typed something about an ‘upside-down bell curve’ and was going to tie it back to mr. gladwell, but i didn’t want to appear mean, dismissive even.

      can i ask you – deadgod – specifically, a question that i hope in earnest for you to answer? i won’t be hurt/surprised if you don’t:

      how exactly does a funnier parody of a parody (when compared to the original parody) signify ‘the way we live, laugh, love’? i mean, specifically, how is that the case?

      ps – you misspelled ‘benn’

  9. deadgod

      Great American Running Gag

      It’s not the swiftest runner nor the most comical gag. The jokester gyribberates rather than entertains. But the parody of a parody of a . . . shows us the way we comb the hairs of our lice.


  10. zusya

      whoo-ee. we’re really onto the ‘long tail’ now.

      why do i feel like i’m having a conversation with an ATM?

      stephen hawking?

      and while i’m not so sure that lice have hair, can you define precisely what ‘to gyribberate’ signifies? if you don’t respond, i promise to be very hurt/surprised.

  11. zusya
  12. deadgod

      Whoa – another wheel misunderinvented. You found Col. Foley with the google machine? – or you are . . .

      Being borderline ilcompuliterate, I haven’t figured out how to edit one’s comments, in the case of, say, a botched italicization. But changing what one posted because one screwed up? – as Chrysler5th has done (over on the Malone thread) to make a post more grammatical (though not less incoherent semantically) – not me.

  13. deadgod

      No, that’s the Gleckian misunderspelling. What I mistyped was “way”.

  14. Nathan Tyree


  15. Ken Baumann

      Disneyland was fun!

  16. zusya

      sign yourself up for a Disqus account. in my own entries i see an ‘edit’ button next to ‘reply’.

  17. Owen Kaelin

      deadparadox: perhaps you ought to start editing your posts. For readability, for example.

  18. Marco

      Looking forward to the print version in my mailbox.