October 26th, 2016 / 12:00 pm
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PROGRAM MrsGorman (Input, Output);
   Indifferent = 60
   Thursday, Indisposed, Called: BOOLEAN;
   Bed, Chair, Hearth, Fire, Window, open: BOOLEAN;
   Rand, Temperature: INTEGER;
BEGIN {Main Program}
IF Thursday THEN
   IF NOT (Indisposed)
      THEN Called:= True
   ELSE {If Indisposed}
   IF NOT Called THEN Random;
         IF Rand = 0 THEN (Bed)
      ELSE {if Rand = 1then}
      BEGIN {Else}
         IF Temperature < Indifferent
            THEN (Chair and Hearth AND Fire)
         ELSE IF Temperature > Indifferent
            THEN (Chair AND Window AND Open)
         ELSE IF Temperature = Indifferent THEN
            BEGIN {Else if}
               IF Rand = 0
                  THEN (Chair and Window AND NOT Open)
               ELSE {if Rand = 1then}
                  (Chair AND Hearth AND NOT Fire)
      END {Else if}
   END {Else}
END {Main Program}

Mrs. Gorman
came, yes/no
didn’t come, yes/no;
if she didn’t come then she stayed home:
in bed, yes/no
in chair, yes/no;
if in chair, then
by hearth, yes/no
by window, yes/no
if by hearth, then fire burning, yes/no;
if by window, then window open, yes/no.

Beckett, Watt, Tr. Hugh Kenner

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  1. Northern Rockabilly

      This is a story about how fucked the world is and how those in control have tried to shape the chaos into narrative … I thought, kind of in the voice of Adam Curtis.