December 2nd, 2010 / 3:11 pm
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In case the first tattoo book wasn’t enough for you, here’s your second chance.

THE WORDS TO EVERY SONG: Band Tattoos from Music Lovers Worldwide, edited by Eva Talmadge

IT’S ANOTHER CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! As with THE WORD MADE FLESH, edited by Justin Taylor and yours truly and launched from this very blog last summer, here’s another announcement for a tattoo book. This time around we (the royal we; I’m doing this as a solo project while Justin devotes his time to writing) want to see your band tattoos. Song lyrics, band logos, record labels, musician portraits, you name it. If you’ve ever loved a song or a musician or a band so much you went to the tattoo shop and made your devotion permanent, we want to see it.

We’re looking for high-quality images of tattoos inspired by a wide range of genres and eras–from classical to rock’n’roll to hip hop, punk rock, indie and soul. And as with THE WORD MADE FLESH, we don’t want just the photos. We also want a few words from you about why you got your tattoo, and what the music means to you or used to mean, or how it’s changed for you over time.

And of course please do provide us with tattoo artist/shop credit, photographer credit, your name or pseudonym, the city and state or country where you live, and the name of the band or song or composer your tattoo refers to (even if it’s obvious).

Please send clear digital images to We’re aiming for large files–2000 pixels across, or a minimum 300 dpi at 5 inches wide–but if you’re not sure about all the technical stuff just set your camera to its highest resolution and take the best photo you can.

And finally, Justin and I are indeed still collecting literary tattoos for THE WORD MADE FLESH tumblr blog at If you have a literary tattoo and want the world to see it, send it to tattoolit at gmail or the tumblr page directly, and we’ll post it there.

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  1. John Minichillo

      As by far the most common band tattoo, I think you are required to include at least one Grateful Dead tat. Justin would have made sure of that.

  2. elizabeth


  3. jesusangelgarcia

      Glad to see you’re keeping on, Eva. Happy to spread the word.

  4. Miss Flesh

      The Joy Division looks terrible–like a mountain range, not a pulsar.

  5. Eva

      Pretty sure Justin already has a Great Dead tattoo somewhere on his body, though so far no one’s been able to prove it. Definitely going to hunt for one for the book.

  6. Eva

      Thanks everybody. And yes: there are surely better Joy Division tattoos out there. If you’ve seen one, you know who to call…

  7. Ihatewhiners

      we all recognized it immediately, though, so…


  8. Eva

      Er, Grateful Dead. Too much caffeine for me today.

  9. Eva

      Er, Grateful Dead. Too much caffeine for me today.

  10. trees
  11. Eva

      Love the Rimbaud and the X. I had a friend in Gainesville with “We’re desperate… Get used to it” on the inside of his wrist. Yes please send pics along!

  12. Guest

      It’s not that bad. I think seeing it in black ink on white skin instead of the cover’s reverse is a bit weird, though.

  13. Chris

      The Rimbaud tattoo is awesome! Kudos to the X tat as well.