February 20th, 2011 / 11:14 am
Web Hype

Molly Gaudry, Independent Publicist

Yesterday morning, the multi-talented Molly Gaudry announced that she was making herself available for hire as an independent publicist. Within no time, she found herself in business. So much business, in fact, that she had to issue this press release:

Due to a shockingly overwhelming demand, I am at this time only considering authors with books that have been or will be published by the presses listed here. Please know that I am only going to take on 2-4 individual titles for the next six months, and I will have to make a lot of difficult decisions as the queries keep coming. Thank you for considering me, though, and for your support and encouragement as this company continues to grow.

For anyone lucky enough to fit her criteria, I highly recommend inquiring about her services. Molly is awesome. This idea is awesome. Cheers to her, and good luck!

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