October 13th, 2011 / 3:04 pm
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Other People w/ Brad Listi

The excellent Brad Listi has booted up a new lit podcast, Other People, where he holds in-depth conversations with a variety of authors, at the same time rigorous and playful. Having just done one with Brad myself, I’ve spent the last week digging through some of the quickly growing archives, including Ron Currie, Jr., Jessica Anya Blau, Emma Straub, and many more forthcoming. Find more info and listen online here, or download for free from iTunes.

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  1. Brad Listi

      thanks, blake, for being such a great guest! 

      coming up on sunday 10/16:  steve almond, author of the brilliant new collection GOD BLESS AMERICA.  and next wednesday, 10/19 i’ll be talking w/ alexander maksik, author of one of the fall’s hottest debut novels, YOU DESERVE NOTHING.

      two new shows a week.  sundays and wednesdays.  free at iTunes — http://bit.ly/paXkqa. 

      thanks for listening!

  2. Michael Filippone

      Listening now. Just subscribed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. mdbell79

      Nice. Subscribing. Keep up the good work, Brad.

  4. Shannon

      Also if you have a smart phone you can listen on Stitcher. That’s what I’ve been using and it’s pretty awesome.

  5. herocious

      thanks to these interviews i’m going on a book hunt

  6. Pontius J. LaBar

      This was great. Nice work, guys.

  7. deckfight

      thanx for this, finding good book podcasts seem impossible. i’ve been liking the ‘three percent’ lately as well 

  8. Richard Thomas

      yeah, just heard about this today, very cool. already a fan and a part of TNB, but this podcast series is really awesome as well. congrats, brad. i’m off to listen to the podcasts, they look great. thanks for sharing BB