Posted by @ 11:12 am on December 16th, 2009

htmlGIANTsecretsanta1Time to find the perfect indie lit bonbon and send it along to your recipient! If you signed up for Secret Santa, you will have just received an email with a link to find out who your person is. Follow the link, click on the name, and you should see their address. If you do NOT see their address, it means they forgot to enter it. You can actually anonymously ask your recipient their address through Elfster. Just go to the exchange home, click on “Send a message” and check the box next to “The person you are giving a gift (anonymous)” and then ask their address.

But it would be much easier for everyone if those of you who haven’t inputted your address would simply DO SO NOW! To do so: GO TO THE “YOU” TAB on Elfster, then click on UPDATE YOUR PROFILE, and then ENTER YOUR MAILING ADDRESS and hit CONTINUE and then CONTINUE again and you’re golden.

Thanks to everyone who is participating! Start cyber-stalking your recipient NOW! I know I am…