Secret Santa Results and Thank You

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Secret Santa Gift Exchange for Indie Lit. One hundred and forty people took part in the exchange, and if everyone followed our suggested $15-$25 gift range, I feel like saying that we exchanged around somewhere between $2,100 and $3,500 worth of gifts – so that is exciting, I think, for everyone. Also, several participants kindly donated their own work to others, as did editors of various presses, which is another fine way to spread word about new writing.

Below I’ve posted the Santa pairs and the gifts that I know were sent, and as far as I can tell, everyone played fair – for those who haven’t emailed me what you purchased, please let us know what you sent/received in the comments. Please email me if you have had any trouble with the exchange, but keep in mind that some gifts may arrive after today, some are subscriptions that will also take time to kick in, etc. Pretty soon we’ll have an HTMLGIANT sort of marketplace to trade gifts around if you’d like.

Also, if you still haven’t received your gift and don’t want to know because you’re waiting for the surprise, be aware that spoilers come after the break.

Thanks again to everyone who participated; I think this was good fun.







Secret Santa Gift Recipient Gift Purchased for Recipient
Aaron Burch Reb Livingston  
Aaron Burch Mike Lindgren  
Aaron Gilbreath Shya Scanlon Subscription to Black Warrior Review
Adam Coates Alan Trotter Something from this
Adam Peterson Gene Morgan Creation Myths by Mathias Svalina (New Michigan Press), As in Every Deafness by Graham Foust (Flood Editions), Michael Martone by Michael Martone (FC2)
Adam Robinson DanielLichtenberg  
Aden Pennington Eva Gordon  
Aimee Lynne-Hirschowitz Michael Kimball Where are the Rebels? by Joseph Ridgewell, The Happy Birthday Book; Disillusionment You Can Buy by Aimee Lynne-Hirschowitz, Tapping Ashes in the Dark by Rob Plath
Alan Trotter Crispin Best  
Alicia Pernell Molly Gaudry Moths Mail the House by Michael Kriesel, For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed… by Hosho McCreesh, and “The President, a criminal and a chimpanzee walk into a bar….” by justin.barrett; artwork by David Woodson (Sunnyoutside)
Amanda Nazario Daniel Bailey Lost Positives by John Cotrona, Echo Detained by Joshua Cochran, Reticent by Jesse Weston, [sic] 1 and 2, Jesus totebag, and Your Holiday Gift by Amanda Nazario
Amanda Oaks William Walsh  Fossil Fuels by Jessica Dawson and Breaking it Down by Rusty Barnes
Ana-Maria Medina Erica Barmash  
April Choi Noah Falck  
Bernadette Geyer Josh Kleinberg The Possibility of Music by Stephen-Paul Martin, FC2
Blake Butler Claire Donato Nylund the Sarcographer and Fog&Car
Brad Green Blake Butler A few books from Open Letter Press
Bryan Coffelt Christy Call All Over But The Shouting by Kesey
Camille Bernstein Amanda Nazario Handmade journal from Magpie Molly 
Cari Luna Brad Green Subscription to One Story
Carolyn Kellogg Mike Young  
Chelsea Martin Chris Williams J&L Illustrated #2 and Don’t Wake Up It’s Just Me by Mike Young
Chris Higgs Cari Luna Shane Jone’s Lightboxes
Chris Williams Zach Dodson 2008 Chapbook Series Subscription form NMP/DIAGRAM
Christian Ochoa Mercedes Castillo Hanvey  
Christy Call Signe Cluiss BobOrManOnBoat, BestofTheWeb
Claire Donato Bernadette Geyer Ceci n’est pas Keith Ceci n’est pas Rosmarie by Keith & Rosemarie Waldrop  and Out of Light by Joe Massey
Cliff Garstang Lydia Gwyn Temporary People by Steve Gillis and BobOrManOnBoat by Peter Markus
Crispin Best Matthew Savoca Yippee Magazine, The Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit.
Cynthia Arrieu-King Kevin Watson  
Cynthia Shannon Grant Barber Subscription to BOMB
Dan Wickett Ryan Call Two books of poetry
Daniel Bailey Shann Palmer  
DanielLichtenberg Lily Hoang Two Issues of 14Hills
Darby Larson Mairead Case  
Darcie Dennigan Rozalia Jovanovic Copper Nickel, film by Aaron Balkan
Dave Housley Scott Sanford  
Dave Madden Peter Cole  
David Barringer Shellie Zacharia  
David Gutowski Tobias Carrol  
David Bryan Coffelt Brick, Unsaid, The Poet Assassinated, by Guillaume Apollinaire.
David McNamara Dave Housely Wee Hour Martydom by Jason Tandon, For All These Wretched, Beautiful, And Insignificant Things by Hosho McCreesh, and And the weary Are At Rest by Andrew Taylor
Eileen Tabios Jereme Dean Astronomy Orgonon by Mark Lamoureux, The Hay(na)ku Anthology VOL II – Meritage Press, and Fragile Replacements by William Allegrezza
EJ Van Lanen Leslie Miller Subscription to One Story
Emily Pullen Lakin Khan Mopus by Oisin Curran
Emily Tedrowe Monica Welker A Stranger Among Us edited by Stacy Bierlein OV Books
Erica Barmash Ken Baumann Black Flies by Shannon Burke
Erik Johnson Lana Ayers The Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks by Kerouac & Burroughs, Grove Press
Eva Gordon Gregg Barrios  
Gallagher Lawson Sidebrow Editors 5month subscription to ml Press
Gena Abelkop James Schiller stranger things happen by kelly link, comic by brazillianoir, issue 5 of finery 
Gene Morgan Cynthia Shannon 6month subscription to ml press
Giancarlo DiTrapano Paula Rockwell Venus Drive, The First Hurt, Actual Air from Open City
Grant Barber Rachel Cantor Eleganceofthe Hedghog and White by ben zucker
Gregg Barrios Giancarlo DiTrapano mint edition of Tracy Letts’ play August: Osage County
Gwen Dawson Mary Agner Zach Dodson’s boring and Paris Review Fall2008
JA Tyler Dan Wickett Lightboxes, The Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit, I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands, one year subscription to The Cupboard
Jackie Corley David  
James Schiller Rachel Mallino  
James Yeh Gena Abelkop Subscription to Hobart, debut issue of Gigantic
Jamie Gaughran-Perez David Gutowski  
Jeff Parker Ronnie Scott Subscription to Hobart (w/ Mary Miller minibook)
Jensen Whelan Jerry Allison Subscription to Hobart and Quick Fiction 
Jereme Dean Jensen Whelan Down and Out on Murder Mile, Digging the Vein, Songs from the Shooting Gallery by Tony O’Neill
Jeremy Schmall Christian Ochoa Agriculture Reader #2, issue of ForkliftOhio, 1 drawering.
Jeremy Spencer Emily Pullen  
Jerry Allison Scott Esposito  
Jessica Bomarito Melissa Walker  
Jodi Chromey Matt Bell All About Lulu by Jonathan Evison and My Sister’s Continent by Gina Frangello
John Lingan Rachel Maizes  
Josh Kleinberg Aaron Burch Temporary People by Gillis and BobOrManOnBoat by Markus
Josh Maday Gwen Dawson Publishing Genius Press: all PDF chaps (except ric royer’s) all the books, and Light Boxes
Juliette Kelley Aden Pennington  
Justin Sirois Michelle Panik Secondary Sound by Justin S., Verb Sap by Magus Magnus, There Were One and It Was Two audioCD
Katie Colvin Aimee Lynne-Hirschowitz  
Kelli Agodon Nick Antosca Subscription to Crab Creek Review and Sign by David Mutschlecner (Ahsahta Press) and small broadside
Ken Baumann Josh Maday Midnight Picnic, lifetime Subscription to NO COLONY
Kevin Watson Shawn Rohrbach  
Kim Gek Lin Short Jamie Gaughran-Perez Cadaver Dogs by Loudon, Mosquito by Lemon
Kimberly Wong zara  
Lakin Khan Leigh Stein Subscription to One Story
Lana Ayers Justin Sirois Subscription to Crab Creek Review
Leigh Stein Sara Kearns Oneiromance by Kathleen Rooney
Leslie Miller Matt Kirkpatrick Dear Everybody by Kimball
Lily Hoang EJ Van Lanen  
Lincoln Michel Camille Bernstein Subscription to Fence
Lydia Gwyn Amanda Oaks  
Mairead Case April Choi Book of Changes: A collection of Interviews by Kristine McKenna (Fantagraphics)
Mark Maxwell Cynthia Arrieu-King Every Way Oakly by Steve McCaffrey
Mary Agner Jeremy Spencer  Murmuration of Starlings by York and Star-Spangled Banner by Duhamel
Matt Bell David Barringer Keyhole #5 and 1 Year Subscription
Matt Debenedictis Aaron Gilbreath How the Broken Lead the Blind, Caketrain06, Subscription to Quick Fiction
Matt Kirkpatrick Juliette Kelley  
Matthew Savoca Adam Coates 3 month subscription to ml Press
Melissa Walker Cliff Garstang  
Mercedes Castillo Hanvey Dave Madden  
Michael Harrison Chris Higgs Dzanc Books novelist bundle
Michael Kimball Emily Tedrowe In the Devil’s Territory, In a Bear’s Eye, Bob, or Man On Boat
Michelle Panik Kelli Agodon Subscription to Hobart, The Sicily Papers, Best New Poets 2008
Mike Lindgren Erik Johnson  
Mike Young Jodi Chromey  
Molly Gaudry Eileen Tabios Carla Harryman’s Adorno’s Noise from Essay Press and Thomas Glave’s Whose Song? And Other Stories from City Lights Books
Monica Welker Adam Peterson  
Nick Antosca Mark Maxwell Stephen Dixon’s I
Noah Falck Lincoln Michel 3 Handheld Edition Chaps and Measuring Tape Chap
Paula Rockwell Matt Debenedictis  
Peter Cole Chelsea Martin  
Rachel Cantor Roberta Romero Unending Rooms by Daniel Chacon and Things that Pass For Love by Allison Amend
Rachel Maizes Jessica Bomarito Subscription to Missouri Review
Rachel Mallino Stephen Berger Subscription to Tilt Press Chapbook series (5chaps to be released by Feb 09)
Reb Livingston Ana-Maria Medina  
Rion Amilcar Scott Susan Rich 3 year subscription to Bellevue Literary Review
Roberta Romero Aaron Burch Dawn by Phil Elverum
Ronnie Scott Kimberly Wong Torpedo #3
Rozalia Jovanovic Carolyn Kellogg Two issues of Wolphin
Ryan Call Alicia Pernell Forklift, Ohio Number 12, Summer 2003, 6×6 13, Spring 2007 from Ugly Duckling Presse, Tuesday; An Art Project, Second Issue, Fall 2007, Oh Baby by Kim Chinquee, Subscription to 6×6
Sara Kearns David McNamara  
Scott Esposito Gallagher Lawson The Children’s Hospital by Chris Adrian
Scott Sanford Rion Amilcar Scott Interpreter of Maladies, Click, Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans
Shann Palmer James Yeh Hugh Behm-Steinberg’s Shy Green Fields
Shawn Rohrbach John Lingan A copy of his (Rohrbach’s) novel 
Shellie Zacharia Michael Harrison Subscription to Keyhole
Shya Scanlon Jeremy Schmall Two year Subscription to JUBILAT
Sidebrow Editors Adam Robinson  
Signe Cluiss Katie Colvin Vacation by DebOUnferth, Wolf at the Door by Travis Jeppesen and The Condemned by Noah Cicero
Stephen Berger Kim Gek Lin Short The Dart League King by Keith Lee Morris
Susan Rich Jackie Corley  
Suzy Devere Darby Larson Where are the Rebels by Joseph Ridgwell, Pet Milk Project, Tapping Ashes in the Dark by Rob Plath
Tobias Carrol Darcie Dennigan boring by Zach Plague and Yeti #6 and THE2NDHAND
William Walsh Suzy Devere Without Wax by William Walsh
Zach Dodson JA Tyler Sons of Rapture and boring boring boring boring boring boring boring
Zara Jeff Parker Subscription to Fence
Miette Elm Lorraine Martindale Locos by Felipe Alfau (Dalkey Archive)
Lorraine Martindale Timmy Waldron  
Timmy Waldron Meagan Bass  
Meagan Bass Miette Elm Demons in the Spring by Joe Meno
JRT Rachel Maizes Stefan Kiesbye or Joyelle McSweeney and Subscription to Barrelhouse or Hobart, throw in some mp3s, be awesome
Catherine Lacey Kevin O’Neill Chris Killen’s The Bird Room
Kevin O’Neill Catherine Lacey  
Didi Menendez JRT  

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