July 12th, 2011 / 1:48 pm
Web Hype

Stoya’s Book Club on Chad Kultgen’s Men, Women & Children

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  1. Ben Roylance

      She is so cool. 

  2. Ghostoflectricity


  3. Leapsloth14


  4. Guestagain

      makes me want to start writing

  5. deadgod

      once you’re in you are not gonna pull out

      seems perilously sweet

  6. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I don’t like assplay because it makes me feel like I’m gonna shit everywhere.

      Also this video is awesome.

  7. c2k

      Putting the blue in bas bleu.

  8. chris

      I went on a kinda date with Kayden Kross once while she was in New York once (weird but true) and we talked a lot about how much she loves Gordon Lish and Barry Hannah and she had me read a number of her pieces of writing on her laptop and believe you me when I say that she is a pretty damn good writer and I think more than a few of us on this here website will enjoy her work when it is published, which hopefully will be soon.

      I say “kinda date” because I think she had no intention to ever (a) see me again or (b) sleep with me, while I, of course, had a teenage kinda feeling.

  9. michael

      chad kultgen’s the worst dude

  10. Jjuwa

      these girls are morons. Pretty morons.

  11. Leopoldbloom

      Really, how does it make you feel like anything but schtupping?

  12. nick

      means to an end