November 29th, 2011 / 3:47 pm
Web Hype

“The city is a giant brain giving itself directions.”

If it’s raining on you and the music you’re listening to, I suggest adding even more input to your afternoon by checking out Barrelhouse’s new all-poetry online edition, guest-edited by Justin Marks. All the time cool stuff comes out in the vein of online magazines, etc, but I forget to post about it, but this time I didn’t want to forget, particularly because the author pictures are maybe inadvertently the best set of author pictures, together, that I’ve ever seen. I mean look at Dan Hoy (originator of this post’s title line) with that bear. Look at Ish Klein with those eyes. Look at Jeremiah Gould sideways on the railroad tracks. That also all the poems are pretty great, that’s like a coupon for your favorite chips right there on your favorite chips bag. Go go and see see.



  1. Leapsloth14

      Thanks for this. Didn’t know about this online issue.

  2. Dan Brady

      Thanks, Mike!

  3. Nick Sturm

      So psyched on this. I’ve been running my batteries off it since it came out.