January 1st, 2011 / 6:57 pm
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The Good Men Fiction Project

The Good Men Project Magazine launched  Weekend Fiction on January 1, 2011. Every Saturday, this section will feature original short fiction that speaks to the male experience, from award-winning, along with new and emerging, authors.

The debut features a new short story, “Yosemite,” from James Franco. Also featured in the debut is “Saint Roger of Fox Chase,” by Sean Ennis of Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

Weekend Fiction will be edited by Good Men Project Magazine contributor Matthew Salesses, author of Our Island of Epidemics. Future issues will include stories by accomplished authors George Singleton, Ben Greenman, Kim Chinquee, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Alexander Chee, Ryan Call, and others.

Submissions are welcome. They are looking for fiction in the range of 1200-10,000 words in some way touching on the “male experience.” Go here for guidelines and to submit.

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  2. MFBomb

      Another lifeless and dull clunker by Mr. Franco.

  3. Alban Fischer

      I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, fiction or no fiction.

  4. Alban Fischer

      I mean no offense to you, Roxane!

  5. Gpercesepe

      alban–why dumb?

      looks like a fine project to me–and gifted writers lined up….

  6. Vladmir

      james franco is a better writer than actor but that is equivalent to saying nothing. he probably is a brilliant pooper.

  7. Matt Salesses

      Thanks, Roxane! Hope people read these stories. Sean Ennis is definitely a writer to watch.

  8. Joe

      Every time I see something like this, it just makes me shake my head. It’s not like their’s a dearth of material about the male experience. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we shouldn’t be interested in having more, but I’d really like to see more collections of literary fiction by women, minorities, and especially GLBT authors. (I say especially GLBT because as a gay man, I’d really like to see more attention on GLBT literary fiction.) Of course, I can take a quick glance over my own fiction collection and come to the conclusion that most of the literary fiction in the world is by straight white men, so I guess I’m part of the problem. *sigh*

  9. Matt Salesses

      I’m with you, dogboi, but this isn’t focusing on male writers, it’s focusing on male readers, who are far fewer in number than female readers. Also, you’ll see that of the authors to come, half are women, minorities, or GLBT writers.

  10. Anonymous


  11. deadgod

      a community where men (and the women who love [them]) can talk openly and honestly abut their lives

      Here’s the mission statement:

      Let me tell you why the color yellow makes me sad.

  12. Guest

      Another lifeless and dull clunker by Mr. Franco.

  13. Joe

      Okay Matt. Thanks. Seems as usual, I jumped the gun, lol.

      I did give the site a look and I’m impressed with some elements, and any new market for fiction is always welcome. :-)

      I’ll definitely add it to my reading list for now.

  14. reynard seifert

      i think i just read a detailed description of an l.l. bean catalog

  15. Owen Kaelin

      So, um… what exactly what is the male experience? And is it something I need to get closer to?

      Should I start liking big breasts, for example?

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